There are at least seven great reasons for you to adopt a pet from Homeless Paws

It is less expensive than buying a new pet

When you get a pet from a Homeless Paws, you are getting a pet that has already been vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Our small adoption fee is less than the cost of these services when you get a new pet. All of our pets come to you healthy and ready to love.

You get to take more selfies

Sounds silly, but if you love posting pictures on your social media page, just think of the fun you will have with your new pet. The two of you can take lots of pictures together.

But seriously, when you have a new family pet, it is fun to take their picture with you and your family and the fun things that they can do. This will be just another fun thing that your new pet brings to your home.

You get bragging rights

Saving a pet from a shelter gives you bragging rights, and it should. You have saved a life, and you have provided a loving home for a homeless pet. This will be an inspiration to others to do the same.

You are fighting puppy mills and uncontrolled breeding

When you are helping a homeless pet find a new home, you are forcing these puppy mills to stop their uncontrolled breeding.

If demand for puppies goes down, so will the amount being born.

We are not against puppies or kittens; please don’t get us wrong. We just know that many of these places are not well-kept, and the living conditions for these animals are less than desirable.

You are bringing love into your home

It is not hard to believe that bringing a pet into your home brings more love. Whether you live alone and are looking for companionship, or you want to add another member to your family, a new pet always brings love.

You are saving more than one life when you adopt from Homeless Paws

When you adopt a pet from Homeless Paws, you are saving more than one life. The small adoption fee that you pay will go directly into helping more animals avoid being placed in a shelter and find a forever home.

You are helping your community

When you help a homeless animal find a new forever home, you are keeping that animal off the street. You are keeping this pet safe and healthy. Protecting the entire pet population in your community has never been easier than by providing a home for a homeless pet.