Homeless Paws operates a pet hotel

Homeless Paws operates a pet hotel for pet owners that need a safe and caring place to house their pets when they are away on vacation.

Our pet hotel can cater to dogs and cats of any size. We will make sure that your pet enjoys their vacation as much as you enjoy yours.

Our pet hotel is another service that we use to fund our organization. Proceeds from the pet hotel are used to save homeless pets in our community. Our reasonable fees will save the lives of many pets and help them find forever homes.

Our Pet Hotel Is A Home Away From Home

When your pet stays at our pet hotel, you can feel assured that they will get the care and love they need while you are away.

All of the pets in the hotel must be up to date with their immunizations so that all pets remain healthy while in our care.

Pets are fed on a schedule each day, and every pet will enjoy playtime and interactions with our staff so that they are not feeling anxious or alone. We try to keep all of our guests happy while their “parents” are away.

Be Our Guest!

We can board your pet for one day or several days while you are away. We have accommodations that will fit any size of pet, and we will make sure that all of their special needs are met.

It is our pleasure to provide this service because it allows us to interact with many of the pets we had previously found forever homes. It is so nice to see these pets at a later time and see how happy and adjusted they are in their new homes.

Call Our Office Today

If you have any questions about boarding your pet in our Pet Hotel, we encourage you to call and speak with our knowledgeable staff.

We do encourage you to reserve your time in advance if possible, especially during the summer travel season. We will never overcrowd our pets when they stay at our hotel, so spaces, at some times, can be limited.

We encourage you to take a tour of our hotel or speak to other pet parents about our services. We know that you will feel safe and secure leaving your pet in our care while you are on your vacation.