Six Great Reasons To Adopt A Dog From Homeless Paws

Dogs Give Unconditional Love

Your dog does not care if you snore, if you sleep in late on the weekends, or if you forget to do the dishes until the next morning. Your dog is all about giving you unconditional love. Their whole lives are dedicated to being with you and loving you. There is something truly amazing about being loved by your pet this way.

You Are Saving A Life

Many pets are placed in shelters that will only keep them for a limited time before putting them down. Homeless Paws is a no-kill shelter that searches for forever homes for all pets. When you adopt from our shelter, you are actually saving the life of your dog. There is something very heartwarming about knowing you have saved this pets life.

You are going to get more exercise

our dog is going to love to go for walks or runs. You may even want to travel with your pet. This means that you are going to get a lot more exercise when you own a dog. You have wanted to get into better shape; this is a wonderful way to get in more steps each day and enjoy the unconditional love your new dog will bring to your life.

Shelter dogs have a good bill of health

When you get a new dog from Homeless Paws, you can be assured that they have been checked by the vet. These dogs have been spayed or neutered,

and all of their vaccinations are current. The small adoption fee is less than what you would pay for these services for a new puppy outside of our organization.

It is much easier to train a shelter dog

Most dogs that are in a shelter are not there because of behavioral problems. They are there because of circumstances that happened to their former owner. You will benefit from not having to housebreak your dog. Many of these dogs have also had other obedience training, making it a very easy transition to your home.

You save more than one dog when you adopt

When you adopt a dog from Homeless Paws, you are saving the lives of more than one dog. The small adoption fees that you will pay will go directly into helping another homeless dog.

There are many other reasons to bring a dog into your life. Their companionship is good for your mental health, and their unconditional love will brighten any home. Pets are a great way to teach children responsibility, and they are a great asset for anyone who feels lonely.

If you are not sure if you are ready to adopt a dog, try being a dog foster parent. Homeless Paws has many pet foster parents that help care for a dog or cat until they can find a forever home. It is a great way to experience dog ownership without a long time commitment.