Homeless Paws Foundation encourages everyone to participate in this worthy cause

There are so many ways that you can participate in helping homeless pets find new homes that you will be amazed. If you are unable to adopt a pet or provide foster care, we encourage you to consider the following ways to participate in our program:

Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Homeless Paws Foundation understands that some homeless pets are a result of unwanted pet pregnancies. Spaying and neutering your pets will help prevent this from happening.

Pets that have been “fixed” are happier and healthier, and the population of house pets is more controlled.

We have a spay and neuter program that is available at a discount. Our veterinarians donate their time and talent to help pets stay healthy. When you use our services, the discounted fees are used to help other homeless animals.

Partner With Us/p>

There are many ways that you can partner with our organization. If your organization is looking for a project, why not host a pet adoption event. You can host the event at no cost and help find pets a great home.

Your organization can also help Homeless Paws by holding food and supply drives for our homeless pets. Unopened dry or wet dog and cat food is always a necessity. We also would greatly benefit from donations of cat litter.

Become A Pet Foster Parent

Being a pet foster parent is a rewarding way to help an animal in need.

Our pet foster parents help pets readjust and be happy again once they have left their former homes. Pet fostering can last a few days or a few months, depending on how quickly we can place a pet in a forever home.

Fostering a pet is a great way to enjoy the company of a pet without long-term commitments to their care. If you would like to be a pet foster parent, please speak with one of our staff members.

Help Spread The Word

Another easy way that you can help homeless animals is by spreading the word about the Homeless Paws Organization. When you tell other people about our organization, you are helping us find many more homes for these pets.

We encourage you to share information about our services with friends and family and on your social media platforms. Each person you reach is another potential pet owner.

Other Ways To Help

There are always things that you can do that will help homeless animals find good homes. Sometimes it may be something as simple as referring us to a business or service that can help contribute to our cause. Other ways to help can include hosting a food drive or adoption event.

We want to thank you for your interest in helping homeless pets find new forever homes. Most of these pets have found themselves in this position not because of their behavior but because of circumstances related to their previous owners.

Thank you for taking the time and making an effort to find these furry friends a place to call home.