There are times when Homeless Paws comes across other small domesticated animals that are in need of a forever home

We are proud to say that we work just as hard for these pets to find forever homes as we do our dogs and cats.

Some of the other animals that you may find in our shelters include:

• Hamsters and Guinea Pigs
• Bunnies
• Ferrets
• Turtles

There are many other small pets that we have helped with our services.

Finding homes for these pets is a bit more challenging, but it is not impossible. We have our vets check them over and make sure that they are healthy so that they can find forever homes.

Finding The Right Pet

If you are looking for a way to teach your children about pet responsibility, starting with one of these small animals may be the right choice. You may want to start with hamster care and work up to a dog.

Teachers may also benefit from visiting our shelter for small pets. Classroom pets are a great way to engage children and teach them about pet care and safety.

Smaller pets are often overlooked when it comes to rescuing efforts by shelters. Homeless Paws, however, believes that every pet has the right to find a loving forever home.

If you are considering a small pet for yourself or your children, we encourage you to check with us to see if any pets are available for adoption. Our small adoption fee and bill of health will make this the right choice for your family.

Things You May Need For A Small Pet

Every small pet has different living conditions. You may need to have a habitat set up for them before they arrive at your home. Some small pets require a lot of areas to move around, like a bunny, while others are very happy with a few toys in a habitat, like a hamster.

Some of these smaller pets love to be handled, like ferrets, while others are happier being looked at and admired. Make sure that you know a small pet's personality and likes and dislikes before you decide to get one for your family.