Homeless Paws Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless animals find new forever homes.

Our mission is to help any animal that needs to find a forever home. We understand that things happen that can lead to a pet needing to find a new home. We help all household pets, although a majority of our pets are dogs and cats in need of a new home.

Homeless Paws is operated entirely by volunteers that love animals. Our staff comes from many different backgrounds and brings many different talents to our organization. The one thing that they all have in common is their desire to help animals find loving homes.

Homeless Paws Foundation Believes:

- That all pets deserve a safe and loving forever home
- That all pets deserve the kindness and consideration of being cared for by their owners
- That pet ownership is a responsibility that has many, many benefits.
- Caring for a pet helps build and strengthen families and communities by giving people an opportunity to show unconditional love

Our Mission To Help Homeless Pets Includes:

- Providing a safe environment for pets that need to be rescued
- To work hard to find loving homes for the pets we rescue so that every pet has a forever home
- To offer pet spay/neutering services to help control the pet population so that all pets can have a loving home
- To run an organization that is dedicated to pet health and happiness
- To work with similar organizations to help as many pets as possible

- To offer educational programs to teach pet owners everything they need to know about owning and caring for their pets

Our Methods

Homeless Paws Foundation is committed to helping all animals in need. This includes animals in public pet shelters that have run out of time for being adopted.

We will use many different methods to help these pets, which includes:

• Hosting pet adoption events throughout the community
• Working with families to find foster homes until the pet fonds a forever home
• Using social media to raise awareness about our program and to encourage adoption
• Continue to find ways to engage the community to support this noble mission and find all these wonderful pets a home

Everyone Can Make A Difference

Homeless Paws Foundation wants everyone to know that they can make a difference in helping homeless animals find a good home.

How can anyone help?

You can contribute your time and talents to helping the animals. You may want to contribute food, cat litter, or even warm blankets and toys for the animals to play with when they are here.

You can shop using our link on Amazon, make monetary donations, or just spread the word about who we are and what we do to make our community a better place to live.

We are proudly supported by SPCAI!